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Marx Film Marathon!

Stock up on blank video tapes because here's the time you've been waiting for!! April 8th, Turner Classic Movies or "TCM" will be running a marathon of the following films. Please check your local tv guides, I dont know what time zone the following times pertain to.

8:30 AM The Cocoanuts (1929) While running a hotel in Florida,
three clowns get caught up in the search for stolen jewels. The
Brothers, Kay Francis, Margaret Dumont. D: Robert Florey, Joseph
Santley. 93m.

10:15 AM Room Service (1938) Three zany producers try to extend
their hotel credit until they can get a play mounted. The Marx
Bros., Lucille Ball, Ann Miller. D: William A. Seiter. 79m. CC

11:45 AM At The Circus (1939) The Marx Bros. team up to keep a
circus from going bankrupt. The Marx Bros., Margaret Dumont, Eve
Arden. D: Edward Buzzell. 87m. CC

1:15 PM Go West (1940) Three zanies tackle outlaws and Indians
they head westward. The Marx Bros., John Carroll, Diana Lewis. D:
Edward Buzzell. 80m. CC

2:45 PM The Big Store (1941) A detective and his zany pals take
over a failing department store. The Marx Bros., Tony Martin,
Margaret Dumont. D: Charles Reisner. 83m. CC

4:15 PM A Day At The Races (1937) A group of zanies tries to save
pretty girl's sanitarium. The Marx Bros., Allan Jones, Maureen
O'Sullivan. D: Sam Wood. 109m. CC DVS

6:15 PM A Night at the Opera (1935) Three zanies turn an operatic
performance into chaos in their efforts to promote their protege's
romance with the leading lady. The Marx Brothers, Allan Jones,
Carlisle. D: Sam Wood. 91m. CC DVS

8:00 PM Duck Soup (1933) When he's named dictator of Fredonia, a
con artist declares war on the neighboring kingdom. The Marx
Brothers, Louis Calhern, Margaret Dumont. D: Leo McCarey. 68m. CC

9:15 PM Horse Feathers (1932) In an effort to beef up his
football team, a college president mistakenly recruits two
The Marx Brothers, Thelma Todd, David Landau. D: Norman Z. McLeod.
67m. CC

10:30 PM Monkey Business (1931) Four stowaways get mixed up with
angsters while running riot on an ocean liner. The Marx Brothers,
Thelma Todd, Rockliffe Fellowes. D: Norman Z. McLeod. 77m.

12:00 AM Animal Crackers (1930) Three zanies try to recover a
stolen painting during a madcap house party. The Marx Brothers,
Lillian Roth, Margaret Dumont. D: Victor Heerman. 97m.

Also, TCM has a great desktop wallpaper from "A Day At The Races" at their website http://turnerclassicmovies.com/FunStuff/ScreenWall/0,,88716,00.html

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